Green Practices

Green Practices

In The Field:

It takes knowledge and planning to be an environmentally conscience painting contractor. At Siegner and Company we take this seriously by continuously improving our knowledge in the field.

  • Knowledge of Low/No VOC coatings products
  • Hazardous materials waste disposal
  • On-site MSDS documentation
  • Job site preparation with air quality management

In The Office:

  • All estimators use electronic take-off software and electronic files for ALL estimates, reducing the need for paper blue print drawings. All estimators use tablet PCs for note taking to eliminate the need for paper.
  • All estimates/project managers use email and text-messaging methods to contact employees, reducing the amount of fossil fuels required by employees to travel to and from our office.
  • Our office implemented an electronic project file system aimed at greatly reducing the amount of paper required for each ‘hard copy’ project file.
  • Our office utilizes software products that allow for digital signatures, reducing the amount of fossil fuels required to transport/ship contracts and other signature-based agreements.
  • All Computers, appliances, and devices are shut-down on a nightly basis.
  • We participated as a stakeholder in the creation of the first national pilot program to recycle all left over paint.