Lead Safe Work

     As per EPA Standards, any structure built before 1978 needs to be tested for the presence of lead paint. At Siegner and Company, we assume the presence of lead paint and follow EPA RRP procedures. As a building owner or property manager it’s critical that you hire a painting contractor with the proper certifications to work in areas where lead paint may be present, especially in occupied spaces. If you receive a quote on a project that may have lead paint, please make sure that the contractor has included all required steps as per the EPA RRP program.  The lowest bid may not be the most qualified bid if the contractor you choose is inexperienced. Protect yourself and your tenants by checking with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board for a contractor’s EPA RRP certifications.
Please call us if you have any questions regarding a project where lead paint may be involved, or if you want to check on what certifications are required for qualified contractors