Safety Practices

Our reputation for an outstanding safety record wins us awards, but more important to us is the peace of mind it brings to our employees and our customers. Hiring a painting contractor with a clean safety record helps protect your property and your investment.

Safety Practices:

Jobsite Safety Plan:

To accomplish overall jobsite safety we require that a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) be completed prior to the start of all work. This includes working with a general contractor or property owner to assess the safety required of each job site, as well as a comprehensive safety plan to accommodate project access, traffic, occupied spaces and the activity of other trades. Siegner and Company is mindful of insurance and liability issues regarding jobsite safety as well as the unique safety protocols of our customers.

Commitment To Employee Safety:

Our company thrives because we employ some of the best craftsmen in the industry, many of whom have been employed at Siegner and Company for 10 to 20 years.   Taking the extra steps in training, supervision and education is a requirement for us…not an option.  That is why we have implemented programs such as an in-house Safety Bonus Incentive Program, required weekly and monthly safety meetings, as well as annual continuing education and safety training requirements.