Warehouses & Garages

Commercial Painting for Warehouses

warehouseAn occupied manufacturing facility requires a painting plan to minimize disruption, and in many cases, work above and around equipment. From box manufacturing to computer chips, we understand the skill and care that must be taken to meet client expectations.

  • Pre-planning to evaluate equipment and content safety requirements
  • Scheduling to minimize shutdowns or disruption of manufacturing operations
  • Experience with access equipment to work above and around equipment
  • Preparation procedures to protect manufacturing equipment
  • Low or no VOC paint and coatings (no odors or fumes)
  • Competitive pricing and on time project completion
  • Professional field staff with full background checks
  • Drug testing, continuing safety training and education
  • Bonding capacity for any size job
  • Customer service support 24/7 from field supervisors and company headquarters

Commercial Painting for Garages

parkinggarageParking structures are high use buildings. Downtime has to be kept at a minimum. That’s why it takes an experienced painting contractor that knows how to prepare the surfaces and apply the appropriate coatings in a quick, efficient and timely manner.

  • Careful planning to minimize downtime and inconvenience
  • Extensive knowledge of surface preparation, coatings removal and primer
  • Coatings knowledge and application experience
  • Cost effective and trained craftspeople on the job site
  • Safe working conditions and training for confined spaces and specialty coatings applications
  • Continuous communication on progress and coatings outcomes
  • Customer service support 24/7 from field supervisors and company headquarters