What We Do


State of the Art Commercial Building Painting

Whether for Commercial Re-paints, Remodels, Renovations or New Construction, our painting crews are highly experienced experts in their field. Learn More >>

Surface Preparation

Painting Warehouses and Garages

There are also surfaces that will not hold certain finishes, or surfaces that should be transformed to use more sustainable and environmentally friendly coatings. It’s all about knowledge and limiting your liability by hiring a painting contractor that understands surface preparation. Learn More>>

Specialty Coatings & Finishes

Specialty Coating Painting - Water Tower

Specialty coatings can be used to  preserve surfaces as well as enable cleaning and durability.  However, it is your painting contractor’s knowledge of these coatings applications that makes the difference. Learn More>>

Wall Covering

wall coverings

If you watch HGTV, you know that wall covering is back in style. Accent walls and hallways are popular choices for a creative wall covering treatments.  With thousands of choices at our fingertips, our experts can discuss options in texture, color and applications. Learn More>>

Wood Finishes

Office Spaces - Wood Finishes

One of the greatest challenges in the Northwest is sustaining exterior wood finishes. The climate is not kind to outdoor wood. Whether it’s a building façade or an entire structure, let us help you plan ways to preserve the quality and character of your  exterior wood finishes. Learn More>>

Difficult Rigging


Safety. That is the number one priority with difficult rigging. Having a craftsman 80 feet off the ground on a swing stage requires the highest level of security and adherence to strict safety standards.  Learn More >>