Specialty Coatings and Decorative Finishes

SpecialtyCoatingsCommercial Painting: Specialty Coatings

When is comes to specialty coatings, there are certain paints and coatings that do certain jobs. Knowing the difference is the key to a successful project. At Siegner and Company we understand the types of specialty coatings required for certain substrates such as metal, cement, masonry, stucco and wood. We also understand the surface conditions and moisture levels necessary to apply epoxy, anti-graffiti and specialty coatings products to maximize longevity.

Siegner and Company has extensive knowledge working in and around breweries, manufacturing facilities, pedestrian traffic environments, architecturally exposed steel and clean rooms as well as other environments.

Specialty coatings, once thought of as strictly high VOC materials, now include low VOC products such as dry-erase, chalkboard, magnetic, and screen coatings that can be used in more functional environments such as creative work spaces, conference rooms, AV rooms, home theaters, and medical facilities.

Specialty coatings can be used to  preserve surfaces as well as enable cleaning and durability.  However, it is your painting contractor’s knowledge of these coatings applications that makes the difference.

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Commercial Painting: Decorative Finishes

Decorative_finishesA property owner may want to transform a plain wall into a charming marble facade. Or, take a common column and create the look of ancient plaster. It’s all in the decorative finishes. The possibilities are endless in adding depth, character, color, and design to ordinary spaces. With the knowledge and resources, Siegner and Company will suggest faux finishes or artisitic treatments and develop solutions to achieve your vision.

Our past work has included completing or repairing murals, working on intricate decorative ceilings, matching period moldings and applying faux finishes to walls, floors and architectural elements.

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