Surface Preparation

surface_preparationCommercial Painting: Surface Preparation

Most painters know how to pressure wash or blast a surface clean. It’s not too complex. But, what if you have lead paint on the surface, or other issues that must be remedied.  There are also surfaces that will not hold certain finishes, or surfaces that should be transformed to use more sustainable and environmentally friendly coatings. It’s all about knowledge and limiting your liability by hiring a painting contractor that understands surface preparation.

As an experienced commercial painting contractor, Siegner and Company can assess the surface condition and recommend safe and appropriate means to prepare the surface for painting. Our estimators work with our customers to identify the level of expectation and how it is impacted by surface preparation. With extensive knowledge of lead-safe work practices and sustainable coatings, our project managers work hand in hand to insure that your property is safely prepared for a long lasting result.

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