Approach: It’s What Sets Us Apart

There are many good commercial painting companies. But at Siegner and Company, we strive beyond good and aim for the best. It starts with doing what is best for the customer. We employ knowledgeable and skilled craftspeople with specialized training to work on your job site. Then we set up lines of communication that enable us to thoroughly understand the job, recommend solutions and meet all critical budgets and deadlines. We have more than 30 years of experience, so we can fulfill your goals while recommending the required surface preparation coating system. At Siegner and Company, we put the customer first by utilizing our industry knowledge.


The Siegner and Company team consists of talented individuals who prioritize pride in their trade and outstanding customer service. The value of working together as a team is critical. We have refined our company communication systems, estimating programs, and training protocols with employee participation at all levels. If there is a way to improve our efficiencies, we will find it. And we welcome it.


Technology In Our Operations:

Using technology in operations increases our communication efficiencies and reduces scheduling errors. It allows us to build job site teams and determine the right craftsmen for any project. Using web/app-based chat, file storage, video calling, and electronic paper forms reduces the time necessary to move and share information with clients, vendors, and our operations and project management teams. We also use technology to help employees balance out personal and professional schedules. All our software programs are web/app based, making it easier for team members to communicate and execute workload when individual plans do not allow travel to and from the office. Due to our reliance on software apps for connecting our office and field operations, we have added a project support role to manage the movement and storage of electronic documents.