Special Finishes

Specialty Coatings and Decorative Finishes

Specialty Coatings:

Regarding specialty coatings, certain paints and coatings do specific jobs. Knowing the difference is the key to a successful project. At Siegner and Company, we understand the specialty coatings required for particular substrates such as metal, cement, masonry, stucco, and wood. We also appreciate the surface conditions and moisture levels necessary to apply epoxy, anti-graffiti, and specialty coatings products to maximize longevity.
Siegner and Company have extensive knowledge working in and around breweries, manufacturing facilities, pedestrian traffic environments, architecturally exposed steel and clean rooms, and other environments.

Specialty coatings, once thought of as strictly high VOC materials, now include low VOC products such as dry-erase, chalkboard, magnetic, and screen coatings that can be used in more functional environments such as creative workspaces, conference rooms, AV rooms, home theaters, and medical facilities.

Specialty coatings can be used to preserve surfaces and enable cleaning and durability.  However, your painting contractor’s knowledge of these coatings applications makes the difference.
Call us today to learn more about the newest specialty coatings and how they can improve the value of your property.

Wood Finishes:

Northwest climate on wood and wood finishes. In today’s market, wood finish manufacturers are constantly changing and adapting products to address the use of engineered and repurposed woods in the Northwest climate. Siegner and Company have extensive knowledge in working with local manufacturers to identify how coating products affect our ability to deliver an indelible wood finish.

Interior wood finishes and stains are highly utilized in Northwest architecture. As a painting contractor specializing in wood finishes, we see both new construction and historical projects that feature the use of interior wood. Siegner and Company regularly work with customers to refinish wood seating booths, bar tops, wainscots, tables, walls, ceilings, doors, casings, windows, and architecturally exposed wood structures.

Wood finishing is not limited to clear or stained finishes.   As a subcontractor hired to refinish historic buildings and structures, Siegner and Company regularly use methods to remove paint finishes from wood substrates that have been long forgotten. Sometimes the best alternative to replacing wood is to restore the existing wood.

Wall Covering and Special Wall Finishes:

Wall-covering options have progressed far beyond plain wallpaper. Today’s wall coverings offer solutions for your specific needs. Whether it’s vinyl, wallpaper, artistic graphics, convenient dry-erase, Acrovyn® impact resistant panels, or FabriTRAK ® acoustical walls and ceilings, Siegner and Company have extensive knowledge in products and installations. We assist with wall-covering solutions in hotels, schools, churches, medical facilities, and commercial office spaces. Our craftspeople are trained in paper and vinyl installations and the newest techniques for specialty applications. We aim to complete your project with creativity, production, and quality in mind.