Wall Covering: Featuring FabriTRAK® Acoustic Panels

Discover a unique way to create an outstanding impression.

Siegner and Company is a professional FabriTRAK® installer.

Enhance your space:

FabriTRAK ® is a fantastic solution for professional spaces, conference rooms, lobbies, offices, hotels, churches, theaters, decorative ceilings, sound studios, residential designs, and restaurants. Custom prints and artwork can be made into panels to bring your company brand to life throughout your surroundings. Discover new ways to enhance your space with color, texture, and dimension.

How it works:

  • The track is installed in a picture-frame fashion onto a wall or ceiling in any shape.
  • Infill material is installed within the track area.
  • Fabric, vinyl, or leather, is stretched and tucked into the track.
  • FabriTRAK ® panels are installed using this same process.


Whether you are looking for solutions for walls, ceilings, drywall, concrete, or even curved surfaces, Siegner and Company will help you plan creative and functional installations.


To meet your project’s specific needs of your project FabriTRAK® is available in various shapes and depths with more than 50 types of Trak to complete your installation needs.

Moldings and Trims:

The unique design of FabriTRAK ® enables the panels to be easily transitioned into an existing wall or ceiling surface.