Michael Hocking, Superintendent
Team Member: 20 years at Siegner and Company.
Education/Experience: Graduate IUPAT Local 10 Apprenticeship Program with nine years of experience in the field. My career has progressed from an Apprentice to Journeyman, to Foreman, to my current position as a Superintendent.
Favorite part about the painting industry: 
“I appreciate our team’s many years of experience and that everyone’s door is always open for any questions or concerns I may have. I enjoy working with long-term customers, including owners, superintendents, property managers, and facility managers.”

David Wiersum, Superintendent
Team Member: 1 year at Siegner and Company.
Education/Experience: Graduate of IUPAT Local 802 Apprenticeship Program in Madison, Wisconsin. I operated my own business for six years and worked for 18 years as a union commercial painter in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, and Oregon. I completed painting activities in new construction, repaints, maintenance painting, and wood finishing and staining in the furniture industry. I am actually titled Master Wood Finisher from my time finishing woodwork in the furniture industry in Rockford, Illinois.
Favorite part about the painting industry: 
“Seeing the finished product. There is something about having pride in saying, ‘I painted that.’ In addition, working with a good operations team helps me get my job done. There’s never a dull moment in the painting industry, and I like that.”

Cristian Manzo
General Foreman: Maintenance
Team Member: 7 years at Siegner and Company. I have worked on swing-stage, tenant improvement, tilt-up concrete warehouses, texture coatings, hospital remodels, and new construction.
Education/Experience: I got into the construction/painting trade, working alongside my dad and remodeling homes and apartments in California starting at age ten.
Favorite part about the painting industry:
“I enjoy working with such talented and experienced people. That allows me to learn and continually improve.“

Mark Barrett
Shop Foreman: Machine, Equipment, and Fleet Service
Team Member: 1 year at Siegner and Company
Education/Experience: 35 years in the painting industry, completing wallpaper installation and high-end residential interior and exterior repaints.
Favorite part about the painting industry: 
“The fine finish and specialty work allow a craftsperson to highlight their skillset and provide the highest level of quality. Strangely, I was always chosen to be the person to repair equipment. This has allowed me to acclimate at Siegner and Company quickly, and I’m thankful for that knowledge.”

Technology In Our Operations:
Using technology in operations increases our communication efficiencies and reduces scheduling errors. It allows us to build job site teams and determine the right craftsmen for any project. Using web/app-based chat, file storage, video calling, and electronic paper forms reduces the time necessary to move and share information with clients, vendors, and our operations and project management teams.