Office Spaces

Office Space

Whether you need a quick coat of fresh paint on a newly leased space or your entire office building re-painted, we have the experience to make it happen fast. Our professional staff understands how to work within occupied spaces quickly and quietly.  Learn More>>

Apartments & Condos

Painting Apartments and Condos

Painting for occupied apartments and condominiums requires careful consideration for current tenants. At Siegner and Company our professional staff can carefully plan the painting project in order to minimize disruption. Learn More>>

Multi-Story Buildings

Painting Multi-Story Building

It’s all in the planning. Multi story buildings require careful planning for scaffolding and any difficult rigging that might be required. Close attention must also be given to street access and traffic congestion. Projects of this nature require experienced and knowledgeable contractors. Protect your investment and your liability by hiring an experienced contractor. Learn More>>

Historic Renovations


As the painting contractor of choice for many of the Northwest’s historic properties such as McMenamins and the Old Church, Siegner and Company has a well-developed knowledge of historic buildings. Learn More>>

Retail & Hospitality


Customers come and go…that’s just it. Not too many retailers can afford to shut down their stores for painting. That’s why we use flexible scheduling and No VOC paint products. If needed, our professional staff can even paint at night so your customers are never affected. Learn More>>

Healthcare & Schools

health care

Being sensitive to the impact of painting within a health care environment is critical. Learn More>>

Financial Institutions


We understand the security issues related to painting the interior and exterior of financial institutions. Whether it’s a branch office or your high-rise headquarters, we provide a staff with complete background checks, drug screening and safety training. We are also skilled at working in occupied spaces as well as during off hours to minimize disruption. Learn More>>

Warehouses & Garages


An occupied manufacturing facility requires a painting plan to minimize disruption, and in many cases, work above and around equipment. From box manufacturing to computer chips, we understand the skill and care that must be taken to meet client expectations. Learn More >>